About the artist
Inspired by the art he has collected and conversations with other art collectors, Triangle native Ryan McKellar began showing his own work in 2009 after years of developing two distinct styles of acrylic painting. Since his beginnings as a guest local artist selling work at Ambiente Contemporary Furniture in Raleigh, Ryan has had three solo exhibitions in the Raleigh-Durham area, representation by Animation & Fine Art Gallery in Chapel Hill and permanent installations for Revolution Restaurant Group in Durham.

When not painting or working as a web project manager in Research Triangle Park, he is an accomplished local musician, a snowboarder and hot air ballooning enthusiast.

About the art
Ryan's works are simple yet evocative presentations of raw color and form, the most popular of which are boldly colored, sharp lined graphic color fields within expanses of blank canvas. Precisely laid fields of undiluted acrylic color ground raised, free-form sculptural fields of heavily layered media within. In some pieces, directional splattering and dripping of secondary colors bring a sensation of movement - and sometimes chaos - to what would otherwise be purely heavy and stationary compositions. In other pieces, flecks of secondary colors pop out from under the deepest layers of paint and media.